We are honoured to be the Global GSA for Churchill Cruises, Canada. The Only 4-Star Arctic Expedition Cruising Experience between Greenland and Canada’s Hudson Bay.

Churchill Cruises Ltd aims to offer safe and environmentally responsible eco-tourism cruises to/from the Port of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada on-board luxurious mini passenger vessels sailing into the vast expense of the beautiful coastal communities north of the Arctic Circle in Canada, and the west coast of Greenland.

Our vision is to enable our passengers to view the magnificent glaciers on the West coast of Greenland, as well as provide our passengers the opportunity to view wildlife such as Polar Bears, Beluga whales, Walrus, Seals, other animals that call the arctic their home. Our vision is also to take our passengers to some of the Migratory Bird Sanctuaries that are teeming with birds nesting and breeding to raise their offspring’s.

We aim to provide our passengers memories of a lifetime that they can take with them with a desire to come back again.



Our Vessel MV Ocean Atlantic


Ocean Atlantic is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising in Arctic waters! Newly renovated in 2016 and with an international ice class rating of 1B, she is one of the strongest ships operating in Arctic. Her high maneuverability, shallow draft and strong engines allow for extended voyages into isolated fjords, creating exciting adventures for any Arctic traveler.

Ocean Atlantic is newly renovated (2016) with elegant common areas and accommodation for 198 passengers.

The ship was built in 1985 and underwent an extensive rebuild in 2010. With a length of 140m she has ample space on the multiple decks for several lecture halls, a relaxed restaurant serving 4-star international cuisine, professionally staffed bars and observation platforms – and even a pool.

All common areas on the Erickson Deck feature large panel windows, enabling passengers to quickly spot passing whales and photographic sights from the comfort of indoor lounges.

All private cabins are stylish appointed and feature individual bathroom facilities, phone for internal calls, individual temperature controls and TV. Ideal for relaxation, the vessels’ accommodation ranges in size from 11 – 35 m2 and are designed with either portholes or windows.

Daily shore landings in Greenland, Nunavut and churchill are made possible by her fleet of 20 Zodiacs.


Did You Know?

 Greenland is the world’s largest island? And 81% of the island is covered in thousand-year-old ice!

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent. Although considered a desert, Antarctica holds 70% of Earth’s freshwater and 90% of Earth’s freshwater ice!

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