Who We Are

Quality, Service, Value, and Flexibility

Canada One Travel has a long and proud history dating back to 1984. We are an award winning travel company in North America. We have the experience and expertise to plan your Extraordinary Experience anywhere in the world with service and care that is above and beyond your expectations. We have more than half a century’s combined solid experience in travelling, we have earned the reputation as being the experts and professionals in the travel industry. Throughout the years, we have built an excellent rapport with government tourist boards, airlines, hotels and the travel agency community. Our experienced management team in Canada provide expert pre-tour planning assistance, while our onsite professionals overseas keep us apprised of new developments all around the world.

Travel with Canada One Travel for the journey of your dreams.

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Our Vision

Canada One Travel is an innovative, industry leading, national and international recognized travel service provider. We have reached our vision when:

  • The traveling public cites Canada One Travel in the top ten of travel services companies,
  • Partners recognize Canada One Travel as one of their top-tier partners,
  • Travel service agents seek out Canada One Travel as a preferred employer, and
  • Our competitors respect and seek to emulate Canada One Travel’s products and services.

Our Mission

We provide innovative consumer and corporate travel services through diligently seeking out quality solutions with our client’s well being as our first priority.

Our Values

We conduct our daily interactions among ourselves, our clients and our partners by exhibiting the following values:


We actively pursue new travel solutions, with new efficient and effective technologies that improve and enhance the client experience, and we continuously learn.


We seek out high value client travel solutions, using our new service delivery concepts and innovations, and we “never say never!”


We seek to exceed our clients expectations with our fast response without compromising the quality of our service.


We always hold our clients well being high with equal treatment, providing value for money, and conducting our business activities with the utmost trust and honesty.


We are accepting of others, and open to diversity both within and outside Canada One Travel.


We provide services that clients and co-workers value and will tell others.


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